Get ready to build life skills and accomplish your goals! Gain confidence, work ethic and creativity from classes designed to take you from beginner to professional.

“I cannot thank the community of WAPA enough for the kindness they have shown me. It is incredibly refreshing to take class where everyone is valued and recognized for their individual talents as well as pushed to their full potential. The encouragement of WAPA faculty has given me confidence I never imagined possible”

-MacKenzie Poland, grad 2017


Our story began in 2004 when 4 highly qualified instructors who had been teaching in Victoria BC Canada for years decided to start a dance studio specializing in Ballet and Modern/Contemporary with the aim to propel our students forward into the world of dance by helping them accomplish their own personal goals. Fifteen years later (that’s right 15!) we are going strong and have many students who have taken the life skills dance has to offer, and become amazing people. From doctors, lawyers and physiotherapists to dancers, choreographers and dance educators, we have helped create passionate, motivated individuals who have the work ethic to achieve anything.

Our highly qualified instructors and small class sizes allow dancers to push their boundaries and follow their individual path. Nothing is more satisfying then watching a student grow over 15 years into an amazing person and stunning dancer.

What makes WAPA amazing?

  1. Small Class sizes - allowing for more individual attention

  2. Set costume prices - paid in advance so there is no surprise at the show

  3. Two performances per season! - A December and June show each season

  4. Year End Gift - because you deserve it for working so hard

  5. ONE MONTH FREE! - when you get a friend to sign up for the season

  6. Career Prep and Apprenticeship - to take you that next step forward

  7. Positive, Open Family Environment - the most important for last!


Larryssa Yolland - Kibbutz Dance Company Program Israel

Rachel Tarasoff - Capilano Collage Musical Theatre Diploma Program

Suzy Vining - Cecchetti Canada Teachers Associate

Melissa Burstall - Cecchetti Canada Teachers Associate

Alison McNeil - ISTD Modern Theatre Teachers Associates

Pearl Edmunds - SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance & RAD Solo Seal Participant

MacKenzie Poland - Harbour Dance Post-Grad Program

Danika Postle - Ryerson University Dance Degree Program & RAD Solo Seal Participant

Melissa Burstall - ISTD Modern Theatre Teachers Associates

Chloe Meissner - Convergence Contemporary Ballet Company

Cecilia Shang - Princeton University Dance Team Choreographer

Sara MacKenzie - Convergence Contemporary Ballet Company & RAD Solo Seal Participant

Julia Barrett - ISTD Modern Theatre Teachers Associates

Talita Nell - ISTD Modern Theatre Teachers Associates

Emily McNeil-Smith - RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies

Melissa Kwan - Tap Kids

Alyssa Talley - Canada’s National Ballet School Teachers Program


"Reflecting on how dance has shaped my life, I have realized that it’s greatest impact was on my character and mindset. I am sure that without it, I would be far less physically coordinated! But I am also sure that I would be less resilient; persistant in the face of challenges; and determined to succeed when confronted with difficulty. These lessons vastly overshadow the content taught in high school as what has made me successful in university classrooms and in the real world.

As a dancer, you learn to see your weaknesses as things to be worked at - even if that process takes years. You learn that growth comes from challenging yourself to do your best, and that it is not spurts of motivation that bring success, but steady determination and hard work. This particular approach to dance at Westcoast is more then an approach to dance, it is a paradigm that dancers build. It is not quick, or easy, but it has made me more comfortable with accepting my faults and confident to pursue my dreams across the world.

This way of teaching dance is certainly not everywhere - I have discovered that by moving away. But it’s impact is formative. If I were to relive my school-aged years, I would certainly do it all again: dance lots, often, and at Westcoast.”

Jaya Scott, grad 2016