We at WAPA welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so each dancer can accomplish their personal goals. From beginner to professional, we can get you there.

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By checking the box below I certify that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the registering minor child. I give permission for my child to participate in the program/s offered by Westcoast Academy of Performing Arts. I hold harmless the owners and faculty of Westcoast Academy of Performing Arts from all injury and/or personal loss that may arise from participation at the studio, at shows/performances, at competition/festival, or during any organized travel. I authorize any representative of Westcoast Academy of Performing Arts to obtain medical help/treatment deemed necessary. I authorize Westcoast Academy of Performing Arts faculty and volunteers to help my child during shows/performances and photo day with any costume changes. By checking this box I understand and agree to Westcoast Academy of Performing Arts faculty using respectful touch to teach and give corrections. I have read, understand and agree to the payment and withdrawal policies. I further give permission to Westcoast Academy of Performing Arts to take photos/videos of my child for use in promotion of the organization.


Registration fee of $20 individually or $25 per family

Hours per week $ per month including GST

0.5 $33.60

0.75 $50.40

1 $67.20

1.25 $84.00

1.5 $100.80

1.75 $117.60

2 $134.40

2.25 $151.20

2.5 $168.00

2.75 $184.80

3 $201.60

3.25 $218.40

3.5 $235.20

3.75 $252.00

4+ hours has a 10% discount included

4 $241.92

4.25 $257.04

4.5 $272.16

4.75 $287.28

5 $302.40

5.25 $317.52

5.5 $332.64

5.75 $347.76

6+ hours has a 20% discount and fees are capped

6+ $322.56

A one time registration fee of $20 individually or $25 per family

A second child is a further 20% off if first child is taking 4+ hours

Family Rate for 2+ children capped at $426.20 including GST

Higher Grades Program $357.00 including GST

En Avant Evening Program $367.50 including GST

En Avant Half Day Program $487.20 including GST

Year End Show Costume Fees:

Due at registration

$65 - Junior Ballet, Junior Jazz, Primary Ballet, Gr 1 Modern

$85 - Grades 1-5 Ballet and Modern, Jazz 1, 2 & 3

$100 - Open Modern or Jazz, Gr 6-8 Ballet, any program class individually

$200 - En Avant and Higher Grades programs covering 3 groups

We do have two shows per season for which parent’s will need to purchase tickets to attend.