En Avant Half Day Program

The En Avant Half Day Program provides advanced dancers the opportunity to excel in ballet or contemporary modern and achieve their goals including acceptance into international post graduate programs, company auditions and dance educator preparations.

High school students will experience university level dance, choreography and cross training during the afternoon and attend a local high school completing all of the academics needed for university entrance during the morning.

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Dance Training

RAD and Cecchetti Ballet: students will train for exams in the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti ballet syllabus’ providing a vast knowledge of ballet and it’s different methods while also giving the students the opportunity to enter a teachers program later in life.

Contemporary Modern: our modern classes focus on a fusion of Horton and Limon techniques with additional instruction in counter technique, contact improvisation and partnering.

Choreography Composition: WAPA has combined the best of choreography training from university courses into a comprehensive class creating a dancer with self understanding and an individual voice. This class is the single most important learning tool for students wanting to audition for modern post graduate degree programs in Europe!

Pilates: our amazing Pilates teacher customizes a class that progresses with each individuals needs creating a stronger more connected dancer.

PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique): is a course of exercises created by a past dancer, now physiotherapist which combines physio ideas, movement and strengthening designed to bring a young dancer to the pinnacle of their abilities.

Pas De Deux: learning pas de deux with a professional dancer is the safest, fastest pace training possible: so that’s what we do!

Jazz: our jazz classes are created to progress and create better turns and jumps but don’t forget about a lot of fun.


Half Day dancers get the maximum support when planning auditions in their grade 12 year. Each dancer gets an individual plan customized to their goals and strengths. Dancers will receive:

Audition Videos

Head shots and Dance photos arranged

Help corresponding between companies/programs

Apprentice Company experience with Convergence Contemporary Ballet Company

Guidance for the creation of personal solos for Auditions

Support in choosing auditions that fit individuals

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High School Academics

Our students attend a traditional semestered high school here in Victoria and participate in graduation/prom with their high school graduating class. The morning academics cover everything needed for university entrance allowing for all future options. It is important to us to for our dancers to have every option possible to them.

All schools in BC are required to provide the structure for exceptional students to attend their high level training.

Amelie MacDonald - current half day student

Mira Sobkin - current half day student

Larryssa Yolland

accepted into Kibbutz Dance Company Program (Israel) for September 2018

Esrael Haile

Pearl Edmunds

accepted into and attended SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance 2018-2019